Everflon® PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) granular fluoroplastics are ideal for compression molding a wide variety of components and shapes; such as rods, tubes and sheets. Products fabricated from genuine Everflon® PTFE are unaffected by most chemicals and feature superior electrical, low friction and mechanical properties.

Products manufactured with genuineEverflon® PTFE are rated for continuous service at 260°C (500°F).


Everflon® PTFE granular fluoroplastic resins are considered non-melts and are generally converted to finished articles in a three step process.

     1) The resin is compression molded into a shape form (rod, tube, sheet).

     2) The shape, once removed from the mold, is then sintered above its melting point to form a solid PTFE billet.

     3) The solid PTFE billet is then machined into the finished article.


Everflon® PTFE granular fluoroplastics are also available in chemically modified grades (C). The modified Everflon® C grade materials deliver valuable additional capabilities while retaining the exceptional chemical, thermal, and low-friction properties of conventional Everflon® PTFE fluoroplastic resins.


Specifically, Everflon® G series granular fluoroplastics exhibit enhanced permeation resistance, a smoother less porous surface finish, improved bond strength and weldability, and improved dielectric breakdown strength.


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